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rants on life, drawings, and japanese entertainment


Nice to meet you! Please call me CC! Welcome to my journal where I post rants, art dumps, fangirl related things!

I am from the Philippines, currently a newbie anesthesiologist, with Nursing background. My favourite hobby is drawing manga illustrations! I was inspired from Sailor Moon when I was a little girl! I also play console games, more of the JRPG genre. I also collect original and high quality anime figures of characters that I like.

I love so many fandom things, such as seiyuus, anime, JPOP music, Jdramas and Jmovies. One of my biggest fandom right now is Arashi! I am now a 5 yr fan of the group! My favourite member is nino coz I love his acting skills and how lazy he might be but can deliver his work properly despite that. I am also a die hard Ohmiya fan. :D

I am not always active in my journal here because I have migrated to DW, as kurisucchi

Feel free to add me as friend! Just let me know who you are and why you wanna befriend me ^_^