Updates + 5x20 round 2

It feels like a long time since I made a post here. I just wanna share what's up in my life ^_^;;

Last January, I took the National Oral Exam for Anesthesiologist in my country... I am glad I passed it. So I have one last exam to be a certified Anesthesiologist here >_<

Then I went back to work..Life went back to my usual busy routine DX but at least I don't have to keep on studying and now I can do other things I wanna.

Because of my hectic schedule and I am almost always out of the house, I am hardly able to update stuff on the Shiyagare Death Matches here ^_^;;

Another happy note, I was able to hit tickets for this year's 5 x 20!! I am happy I can bring my friend with me too and we will be watching on Dec 1. It's still faraway but I already booked my plane ticket for it XD


Thank you for the Experiences in 2018

Why are the years passing by too quickly!? It felt like it was just yesterday that I was in Manila earlier this year for my intensive review

Anyways, this year is a mixed bag. I had my equal share of ups and downs. And despite all the downs, there are always something I am thankful for this year. To list them down:

- Passed step 1 of my Anesthesiology Diplomate Exam
- Applied in another Hospital for work
- Bought my own Nintendo Switch unit
- Traveled to Japan twice, again, with my own money
- Reunion with Highschool friends
- Met new fandom friends
- Went back to my gaming roots

I was also lucky enough to attend 5 concerts by Asian artists I love:

- One Ok Rock Concert “Ambitions” at Mall of Asia Arena
- KOKIA 20th Anniversary Concert “Beyond Imagination” at Tokyo Opera City
- Tohoshinki Concert “Tomorrow” in Tokyo Dome
- Utada Hikaru 20th Anniversary Concert “Laughter in the Dark” at Saitama Super Arena
- Arashi 20th Anniversary Concert “5 x 20” at Tokyo Dome

Most of all, I am glad to survive this year again, healthy. I hope to see another year coming and hopefully it will be just as accomplished as this year too.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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Arashi 5 x 20 concert experience

The year 2018 is another year to be thankful for. I was given the opportunity to watch Arashi's 20th anniversary concert!

This won't be a con report but just a journal entry that I can look back to maybe a year or years from now. Feel free to read and hope it can inspire you to continue chasing that dream of watching a live Arashi concert =)

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Can't wait for DECEMBER!!! 3 concerts coming soon!!!


After the long wait ... I have finalize my Tokyo December trip!!!

But will be spending the most of this trip on watching concerts, namely:

Tohoshinki "TOMORROW"

Utada Hikaru 20th Anniversary Concert "Laughter in the Dark"

ARASHI Anniversary Concert " 5x 20"

I won the lottery for Hikki's concert while my friends won Tohoshinki and Arashi concerts and are bringing me along!!!

so much excitement!!! Can't wait for December

It was all worth the sacrifice!!


After 3 months of intensive reviewing and studying, staying away from home, depriving myself to be a full time fan to all my fandoms, not being able to draw to my heart's content, not being able to game for endless hours...

It all paid off!! I passed the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology's Written exam! 200 takers, only 114 passers :(

But I am really happy now, that I passed and I only need 2 more steps to become a fully certified anesthesiologist! But for now, I can go and start applying in hospitals! time to work work work, save money and enjoy life too!!!
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Serious Study Mode for 3 Months

It’s been a while since I post about RL stuff, but just wanted to leave this here

Right now, I’m faraway from from home... Currently staying in Manila for the next few months.

Reason why?

I’ll be taking the Anesthesiology Board exam this coming March 25, and in preparation, I am attending review class every weekend. During weekdays, it’s self study. It feels the same as how I prepared for the Physician Licensure Exam back in 2012. ( also the year when I became an Arashian lol) This Exam is a serious matter for me because it’s another step closer for me to achieve my goal to become a doctor with a specialty. Once I pass this exam, this will be my main source of income and I’ll start supporting my parents from then on.

I have been studying for the past few months last year aside from working in the hospitals. I needed t save money so that I wouldn’t be dependent on my parents.

Now that it’s 3 more months to go, I withdrew myself temporary from work in order to focus. I already became quite inactive in most social media sites such as IG, tumblr, and stopped participating in group chats from LINE and messenger since last year. And now, I already lessened the time I spend on twitter.

Though I might occasionally (very) visit twitter since it’s been my habit to lurk there since 2010 and even when I reviewed for Physician Licensure Exam back then.

I guess I won’t be doing much posts on the food trip until March, and I might be slow in replies so please bear with me.

I’ll be doing my best to study and hope for the best results! To everyone who always cheered for me and wished me good luck for my exam, thank you so much!

I can’t wait for this to be over!!


Happy New Year!! Hello 2018

Happy New Year!!!

Seriously, 2017 ended so quickly!

Not too many significant things happened, but I was able to create lots of wonderful memories as each day passed by!

Looking back on what to be thankful of for the year of 2017, these are what I wanted to point out:

-leveled up from Anesthesia Resident to Anesthesia Junior Consultant 👍
-new Job in a new Hospital
-saved enough money to fund my 2 Japan trips this year
-had more bonding time with my closest friends in our 20th year of Friendship!
-successful accreditation of our Anesthesia Department for another 3 years
-became a 5 year old Arashians (lol)
-met a lot of new friends in the fandom
-watched Arashi WWG Tokyo Dome 7/8
-attended Tohoshinki Begin Again Concert Tokyo Dome 12/21
-attended Arashi Untitled Concert Tokyo Dome 12/24

I’m really thankful for lasting another year with good health. And I hope that next year will treat me well once more.

To everyone who has been a part of my 2017, thank you so much and hope you all will have a wonderful year ahead of you!

Happy New Year! 🎊🎆 🎉

Last afternoon sky of 2017
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